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Team IT


Team IT presides over all IT tasks for GPJ-VC and establishes its strategies.
We consist of professional members who has unique ideas and highly skilled.
This is "Venture Team" which never makes a compromise with everything.
Under cooperating with Team Financial (financial department of GPJ-VC) and Team Marketing (marketing department of GPJ-VC), we perform branding and marketing, with keeping the loss of capital to a minimum.

On-going co-projects with its parents company, Ganapati

Profits by application
Photos or movies application are one of the most attractive applications which overcome language barriers.
"Everyone can use and enjoy easily", it's trend in the world.
Recently, Facebook offered 3b dollars for buying Snapchat out. This Snapchat is also a service which everyone can use and enjoy easy.
Ganapati aims to develop new and higher quality communication tool than it, by using high skilled Japanese technology.

We have other profits : offering marketing service, developing system and consulting for building and operating gaming platforms which are specialized for global markets.

Upon these profits, we want to enhance our corporate value, strengthen our organization and increase refund to our stockholders.


Takuro Yamaguchi
● Career
2008 graduated from Obirin University.
2008 My Space KK
  (Japan Branch of Major SNS Corporation in USA)
2014 GPJ Venture Capital

● Field
Music Production
Movie Production

Masahiro Ishihara
● Career
1998 graduated from Waseda Electronic School
   (Current: Tokyo Design Technology center)
2004 System Frontier KK
2014 GPJ Venture Capital
● Field
System Verification
Image Processing


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