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We collect information about products or service which are demanded by customers all over the world and analyze to make sure its credibility.
After planning how to develop these products or service, brushing up them to strengthen utility value and branding them for promotion, delivering them as amazing products or service to customers are our, Team Marketing's role.

Utilizing connections which we have grown, with these strong networks, we are getting ability to cope for waves in these information age which changes rapidly. And we also want to perform marketing by global viewpoints, with adopting various methods initiatively.


Executive Officer / Chief Marketing Officer
Mika Watanabe
● Career
1991 graduated from the Faculty of Low,
   Kansai University
2004 HSBC Japan Osaka Branch
   Being installed as Chief Strategist
2014 GPJ Venture Capital
● Qualification
Certified Securities Broker Representative
(Japan Securities Dealers Association)
AFP (The Japan Association for Financial Planners)
Real Estate Notary

● Field
Establishing Real Estate Fund
Real Estate

Managing Partner / Senior Manager
Yukio Ishihara
● Career
2002 KK First Charge
   (a group company of a company listed in the First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange)
2007 KK RDS
2014 GPJ Venture Capital as Managing Partner
   (holding two posts concurrently)

Sub Manager
Rie Muratomi
● Career
2001 JTS KK
2011 Recruit Staffing Co., Ltd. as temporary staff
2014 Shriro trading Company Ltd
2015 GPJ Venture Capital
● Field
Translation (English – Japanese, Japanese-English)
HTML Coding


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